we’ll no longer be updating this blog, but will leave it up as a reminder of all the fun we’ve had, all the amazing people we’ve met. please, join us over at www.blog.deependimagery.com to follow along and see what the future holds!  xo, kat & asa

baby rhys {one month old}

just look at how his eyes are so affixed on his gorgeous momma…i think we’d all love to witness more moments like this!

sooo honored to have taken family photos for the oh-so talented melissa diep

more to come!!

artists/4/artists :: lianes

yesterday i teamed up with @lia_be_yourself (model), @eatart379 (hair/mua), & @iveschi (stylist) for a shoot with 5 looks that put my closet to shame…

more to come

xo, kat

hawaiian rowers

if you’ve been through my site, i have very little landscape photographs. though i’m realizing that they’ll make great prints for our apartment. note to self: take more photographs like this….